Chrome 拡張機能の「Pig Toolbox」はgoogleメール確認、マウスジェスチャー、使用者指定短縮キー、Super Drag、ログインフォーム自動埋め込み、IEブラウザーでURLオープン、ウィンドウ壁紙変更、WEBページキャプチャー、YOUTUBE歌詞検索と繰り返し再生、短縮URL作成、QRコード自動作成など多様な機能がある。
Pig Toolbox is a Google Chrome extension









*Google mail checker
*Mouse gestures,User defined shortcuts,Super Drag support
*Super Gesture (You can seamlessly use gesture in all Chrome pages. Windows only)
*Fill login form
*Tool menu for Auto-save image on webpage (Windows only)
*Open current URL by IE (Windows only)
*Set clipboard image to wallpaper (Windows only)
*Screenshot page – Screenshot visible part of this page or the entire page.
*Youtube tools – Search youtube music video lyrics, Repeat play youtube movie or music.
*Make short URL from long URL –, support
*Allow right click – Enable right click or context menu when webpages disable it.
*Dictionary,translate – If you trigger mouse actions or shortcuts on a web page, It will search dictionary by selected word.
*Change font,color style – Change a page styling (colors, background color, fonts, flash, image etc.)
*Translate webpage – Web pages are translated directly into the selected language.
*Current site search,Web search,torrent,mp3 Search support
*Force tab to front when new tab opened – This is useful when you click mouse middle button.
*Double click on a tab to close it (Windows only)
*Scroll mouse wheel on the tab strip to switch tabs (Windows only)
*Docs(pdf,doc,docx,ppt,pps,tiff) viewer
*Show/hide Chrome window (Windows only)
*Run script in webpage, Script editor, User script plugin
*Block list for Google search
*Domain information (flag,map support)
*QR Code Generator
*Omnibox search (bookmark,history,site search,Web search,torrent,mp3)
*User configure data export, import support.
*In addition, more features are supported.

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